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Work Office Decorating Ideas

Work office decorating ideas farm house decor Brix Coworking Madison WI

Office Decorating Ideas

Whether you have a home office, private office at work, or shared office space – office décor is how we express ourselves. We each have our own personality and style that can motivate us to do our best work.

Here we will cover several work office decorating ideas you can do yourself –and with a low budget!

  1. Farmhouse Office
  2. Southwestern Office
  3. Masculine Office
  4. Glam Office

Farmhouse Office

Modern farmhouse décor, vintage decorating, and rustic upcycling have been very popular the last few years. There’s something to be said for combining old with new and creating a warm, comfortable, and inviting atmosphere at work. This style includes chipping paint, rusty textures, cute animals, and greenery. Farmhouse office décor can be simple or cluttered – either way, achieving this look is fun and involves a creative eye!

Southwestern Office

Southwestern office décor involves warm color tones like cream, terracotta, greens, golden yellows, oranges, browns and rusty reds. Add in textures such as faux cowhides and soft leather and patterns in rugs and throws and you will instantly take the chill out of any outside temperature and warm up your office! Finish it off with a wall décor collection that will put you in a vacation state of mind all year round.

Masculine Office

A masculine office design often appears as either a traditional style or modern, sleek and sophisticated style. A certain amount of seriousness is achieved with color tones such as blacks, whites, darker color palettes, dark wood tones, metals, and minimal color create a dramatic design. Masculine office décor includes sports, hunting, dramatic closeups, black and white art or photography, or modern art pieces.

Glam Office

Glam office décor, or often referred to as grandeur or luxury office design, is similar to the sleek and sophisticated design of the masculine office design. It’s either a style set in dark color tones like deep purples, greens, blues, blacks, and contrasting with stark whites create a luxury office design all of their own. Or it’s the opposite and whites are the main color tones with lavish chandeliers, glass and metals shining on your desktop and shelving. Often the sense of lavishness is portrayed in smoldery artwork, high fashion brands, textures such as furs or whimsical feathers, and mirrors.

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