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Our blog covers a variety of topics to help you be more productive at work. This includes information about coworking, productivity hacks, design ideas to create an uber productive space for your work or home office, products we’d recommend, and overall best advice for keeping yourself happy and healthy at work!

Things to do in Madison for Halloween

Things to do in Madison for Halloween! Did you hear that? Shhhhh…… A light, airy, and somewhat childlike voice could be heard in the Brix lobby. Your eyes wince a bit, you narrow in your focus, and listen. Was it coming from the elevator? Was someone here? You recall the rumors but never actually believed it. So you get out of your chair and slowly walk towards the hallway to peak. You hear the elevator chime…and then again, and again… Suddenly the doors open and a slight chill instantly runs down your spine. The air [...]

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11 Madison Coworking Spaces to Rent: Amenities, Locations, Pricing, and Value for Madison WI Coworking

August 31st, 2022|

Coworking continues to grow in popularity—it is predicted that approximately 1.08 million people will work in coworking spaces in 2022—which means the competition between spaces has also increased.  From pricing to amenities, each coworking [...]


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We’ve designed our coworking space with an energizing and inspiring atmosphere to attract and engage a growing community of like-minded, driven professionals. Our shared amenities make coming to work a pleasure, and our month-to-month memberships make it easy and affordable to invest in yourself, your career and the success of your business. 

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