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6 Ideas for Office Decor At Work

Terracotta Boho Office Decor Brix Coworking Madison WI

Ideas for Office Decorations

Let’s face it, there are a thousand different ways to decorate your office. But what are the main features of an office that make it unique, inspiring, functional, and highlights your personality? If you’re unsure of your style or want to try something completely different, Pinterest is a great place to gather inspiration and ideas. Things to consider include: size of your office, how much open wall space you have available, how big or small your desk is, and if you have lots of natural light or need to add lamps to brighten up your space.

Check out 6 ideas for office decorations that will transform your space.

  1. Plants, flowers, and greenery
  2. Wall art and decor
  3. Desktop lighting
  4. Notebooks and colored pens
  5. Inspiring drinking cups
  6. Small desktop decorations

1. Plants, Flowers, and Greenery

Fake or Faux Plants – Don’t freak out if taking care of real plants isn’t your thing. There are so many options for fake office plants, flowers, and greenery. Just make sure you take a few minutes every couple of months to clean them off. Fake plants offer the opportunity to add in beautiful foliage with little maintenance and can add brighter colors to darker areas of your office.

Real Plants or Flowers – If you’ve got the green thumb and remembering to water plants is your gig, real plants and flowers not only add color and inspiration to your office but they also can be used to purify the air! For a list of the best indoor plants, check out Amazon’s unique and low maintenance houseplants.

Products in picture: Hobby Lobby Mini Leaves Bush, Hobby Lobby Potted Ficus Tree, Hobby Lobby Wheat Mini Cattail Stems

faux fake plants greenery trees for ideas for office decor at work

2. Wall Art and Decor

Wall art for your office is a great way to reflect your own personality and unique style. Whether you have a minimalist style, masculine, or love to change up with the latest office style trends – collections can be found on Pinterest, Etsy, Amazon, Wayfair, and other great sites. Shopping local is also great for finding one-of-a-kind pieces to add to your already unique style.

Products in picture: Hobby Lobby Tuscan Ridge Canvas Wall Decor, Hobby Lobby Desert Ridge Canvas Wall Art w/ Frame (couldn’t find on Hobby Lobby website but that’s where we purchased it)

Close up of Wall art for Ideas for Office Decor At Work Blog Brix Coworking Madison WI

3. Desktop Lighting

Bad lighting can hurt your eyes in the long run so we don’t want to forget to include this in our office list! Having natural light coming in from windows is best but if your office is in a room with no windows, additional light fixtures or lamps are necessary. Desktop lamps are great for adding in warmth and for when the sun goes down. Floor lamps are best for rooms with no overhead lighting or to provide additional lighting for areas not directly in line with ceiling fixtures. Protect those peeps people!

Product in picture: Hobby Lobby Beige & Brown Woven Rope Lamp 

4. Notebooks and Colored Pens

Nothing “old school” about notebooks and pens here! Having a notebook with you at all times is a great way to jot down ideas, quotes, inspirations, or lists whether you are online or not. Having something available to grab at a moment’s notice is efficient and productive. Later if you feel it’s necessary, then transfer your notes to your computer. 

Notebooks for Ideas for Office Decor At Work Brix Coworking Madison Wi

A trick to help keep your notes organized is to have a package of colored pens within arms reach. When using only blue or black ink, everything can run together on a page and notes no longer stand out or hold a significant value. Incorporating colored pens will allow you to easily separate thoughts, conversations, and ideas on the pages.

Products in picture: Target Ruled Journal Hardcover Sewn Houseplant – Green Inspired, Target Vegan Leather Journal Terra Cotta Thoughts – DesignWorks Ink, (not pictured but our personal favorite pens) Target Paper Mate Ink Joy Gel 30pk Gel Pens 0.7mm Medium Tip Multicolored

5. Inspiring Drinking Cups

What’s your mantra? Your inspiration? Find a coffee cup or drinking glass that says the words that give you a daily kick in the pants or puts you in an uplifting mood to tackle each day. It doesn’t always have to say something, it could be your favorite color or a beautiful floral pattern. Just make sure when you grab it each day, you feel inspired!

Product in picture: Hobby Lobby “Be Yourself” Mug

6. Small Desktop Decorations

Having enough space on your desktop is key for being productive and not feeling overwhelmed with clutter. If you haven’t filed away those papers and stacks just keep growing –pause now and deal with that first. Once those pesky papers are gone, now you can look at your desktop and decide what small office decorations are appropriate for you. Clocks and desktop calendars provide a functional purpose but they can also be part of the decor. Picture frames and vases are great for adding in a personal touch.

Products in picture: Hobby Lobby Brown Bottle Glass Vase, Hobby Lobby Beige Speckled Jug, Target 6” Mantel Swivel Pocket Watch Clock Brass – ThresholdTM   Desk Calendar Gold – ThresholdTM

Small Desktop Decorations for Ideas for Office Decor At Work Brix Coworking Madison WI
Small Desktop Decor for Ideas for Office Decor At Work Brix Coworking Madison WI

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you incorporate these 6 ideas for office decor at work! If you like these ideas, subscribe to our newsletter. We send out tips for decorating your office, coworking and productivity trends.

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