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Once you’ve decided to dive into coworking, it is important to find a space that works best for you. Coworking spaces do have some similarities to one another, but each has its own unique style and tone. In order to fully take advantage of everything coworking has to offer, you need to pick a place that caters to your priorities. Do you need free coffee in the mornings? Are you looking for a place that also offers after-work events? These are the kinds of things to keep in mind as you shop around. Here are a few more key factors to consider as you choose a coworking space:

1.) Location: Where is the Coworking Space Located?

The reputation of the area you choose to work in can be important when trying to attract clients and employees. A downtown address may suggest you’re already in the big leagues while a spot in the suburbs could indicate creativity and innovation. Picking somewhere conveniently located near transportation or within a short distance is also key in order to keep employees happy with a shorter commute.

2.) Community: Who Else Works in the Coworking Space?

Coworking spaces bring together entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers from a variety of backgrounds. Everyone is there to work, but the community built in that coworking space serves as an incentive for getting up every morning and going to work. You’ll want to pick a community that makes you feel welcome and motivated. Plus, getting to know your coworking colleagues has an added bonus: networking. Even if the people in your immediate community are not in your target niche, they may know other people to refer you to.

3.) Cost: How Much Will You Need to Budget?

The cost-effectiveness of coworking tends to be the main reason people make the switch. You should typically expect your coworking space to be almost half the price of the same space in a standard commercial building. Cost can vary depending on the amenities the coworking space offers and the location you choose, which means you should weigh your options, consider your budget and decide where your priorities lie.

4.) Amenities: What’s Included with the Coworking Membership?

The amenities a coworking space offers tends to set it apart from other spaces. Some have phone booths for private calls. Others always have snacks stocked and drinks on hand. If you plan to host clients frequently, you’ll want to look for a place that has private meeting spaces. Think about what you need to be a productive worker when finding the right coworking space.

5.) Style: What’s the Environment or “Vibe” Like?

Different coworking spaces have different “vibes,” so make sure you feel comfortable in the space before you commit to it. If you like to dress more casually in jeans, you don’t want to pick a place that feels preppy. Office culture is important, and working in the wrong one can make you feel isolated or frustrated. Select a coworking space that works for you on a personal and professional level.

6.) Contract: Are There Hidden Fees or Details To Be Aware Of?

Before signing that coworking contract, make sure you understand everything that comes with the space clearly. Does this place charge more for utilizing the meeting rooms and printers? Do you need more than the basic membership? Look out for hidden costs and avoid paying for more than necessary. Also check if the company allows for a trial period. This gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the space and decide if it truly will work for you.

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