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Even when you’ve provided a great proposal and outlined all of the ways coworking can benefit you and your company, sometimes employers still aren’t convinced to foot the bill. 

If your employer says no, don’t fret! There are still alternatives that will get you out of your house and in a slightly more productive setting.

These alternatives won’t have all of the amenities of a coworking space, but in a pinch, they can be a decent option.


If you want to get out of the house but need to avoid a noisy location like a cafe, try your local library. The library caters to a quiet atmosphere, so you won’t have to worry about loud guests distracting you from work. 

Most libraries have open space and free WiFi, and you won’t have to purchase anything to stay for a few hours. They also often offer resources like printing and scanning for a small fee. There isn’t really space to take phone calls, but a library can be a good option if you like an extremely quiet work environment and don’t mind using a public WiFi network.

Serviced Office

A serviced office is probably the most similar option to coworking. Operators rent out individual offices or entire floors to their clients. These spaces are fully furnished and come with flexible short-term leases. They also have access to administrative support and standard office amenities. 

These spaces do not typically have the same community that develops in coworking spaces, but this can be a decent alternative.

Outside at a Park

If the weather is nice, why not set up work in a park? Grab a picnic blanket, some snacks, a portable charger and head to a nearby greenspace. 

While this cannot consistently become your new office, a park offers a nice location to get some fresh air and accomplish some work under the right circumstances (i.e., the perfect weather). When it comes to your internet options, you might get lucky and have a park that offers public wifi. Otherwise, you can use your smartphone as a mobile hotspot. 

This option doesn’t work all of the time, but it can be a pleasant alternative to a crowded library or coffee shop or your own home.

Hotel / Room Rental

If you’re in need of a private space for the day, consider booking a hotel room or renting a space on Airbnb. This alternative offers you the ability to work in a quiet space where you can also take phone calls. 

Hotels and many Airbnbs offer free WiFi on private networks, so there is less of a security risk involved with this option as well. 

While this can be a bit pricier of an alternative, this could be a good option if used infrequently for days when you have to tackle a large project or need to catch up on a mountain of work.

Coffee Shop

Though we’ve previously explained the downfalls of coffee shops when compared to coworking, they are still an option when it comes to finding a space to work that is not your home. Many coffee shops have free WiFi on either a private or public network, and you can often stay for a few hours as long as you purchase food or beverages. 

The space also often has outlets you can use to charge your laptop and phone, so they can be much more convenient than other public locations.

Shared Office

For a more permanent solution, consider renting an office space with others. If you know any freelancers, remote workers or micro-businesses that are also looking for a space to work, see if they’d be interested in renting a space with you. This option will save you all money compared to individually renting offices, and hopefully, you’ll then be working with people you know and can trust.

While there isn’t a substitute for coworking, the above alternatives can meet your needs temporarily or semi-permanently. If you’re able to find room in your budget, however, a coworking space can provide you with many of the above benefits plus additional amenities, like free coffee and tea, high-speed internet and ergonomic workstations.

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