The last couple of months have been surreal to say the least. As a courtesy to our current and future members, we wanted to publish this guide on our site so you had access to the latest information regarding Brix Coworking’s facilities and what we are doing to ensure our members and visitors are safe as Wisconsin continues its re-opening journey.

Brix Coworking is Open


Starting May 1st, Brix Coworking re-opened to allow its members to come back to work when they felt comfortable. Since the majority of our members are in private offices, there is already plenty of distance between them to stay safe. We will be enforcing additional social distancing guidelines (see below) for common areas, including the kitchen, phone booths, bathrooms, conference rooms and lobby areas. Members will have to go down and let any guests or customers into the building as it is still in lockdown.


For the foreseeable future, Brix Coworking will remain open for members only. As buildings are still locked to walk-ins and the general public, tours, free trial weeks and day users are only able to visit the spaces BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Brix Coworking staff will need to meet you at the front door to let you in. Contact us for more information or if you have questions.

COVID-19 – Social Distancing Guidelines for Members

To help us make sure everyone who visits and works at Brix Coworking stays safe and healthy during the bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be doing our best to stick to the following social distancing guidelines:

  1. One Person per Bathroom – While this isn’t often an issue, we do want to ensure that bathroom usage is limited to one person at a time. 8th floor bathrooms already follow this guideline as they are single rooms with dead bolts, however we will be figuring out a way to communicate occupied bathrooms on the 6th floor and in Monona as well.
  2. One Person in the Kitchen Area – We will be figuring out a way to manage the flow of members in each of our kitchen areas. Watch for new signage to be posted to help ensure we maintain safe distancing.
  3. Additional Cleaning Supplies – To help us maintain a clean and healthy workspace, we will be providing additional cleaning supplies, such as wipes and disinfectant spray to our members so you can wipe door handles, kitchen surfaces and handles and other areas that are frequently used by everyone in the space.
  4. Keep a Safe Distance – As a general reminder, please ensure that you maintain at least 6 feet between you and others you interact with. Aside from essential trips to the kitchen, bathroom and conference rooms, please be sure to safely stay in your office.
  5. Elevator & Guests – While most of the building downtown will still be empty due to it still being locked to the public, if you do have customers and guests visiting your business, please try and keep elevators to 1-2 people at all times and remind them to keep a safe space in the coworking environment. This applies to Monona as well.
  6. Extra Space Available (Upon Request) – If you feel too close to a colleague in your existing office, we will allow you to use any of our empty offices during the social distancing period. Let us know if you’d like to move and allow yourself some extra space.
  7. Face Masks – As of July 2020 with Dane County’s order, and then the statewide order shortly after, face masks are required in common and open areas, including lobbies, reception areas, flex desks, dedicated desks, kitchens and bathrooms.
  8. Hydroxyl Generators – While not a social distancing guideline, we do want to mention that 6th floor, 8th floor and Monona will all have hydroxyl generator machines running soon as well. This will ensure the air in all working environments stays as clean as possible. Learn more about how they can help during the COVID-19 pandemic here.

Mail Forwarding During COVID-19

It may make sense to keep mail forwarding on for your business depending on how things continue to develop throughout the year. Here is the original information we sent out in March in case you still need to setup mail forwarding:

“While mail is still being delivered to Brix locations, it may make sense to temporarily forward your business email to your home so you don’t miss anything important. You can setup mail forwarding on the USPS website.”

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